Amber IT to protect websites and applications


Cyber transgressors can be passed on to the world of common system protection. So, there is a need for extra security to keep the system safe. Cyber experts say the transgressors can have important information by being able to raid different network systems. So, the demand for different products to prevent the firewall and transgressors is increasing day by day.

Transgressors are attacking the security of websites and web applications as well as network security. In this case, the Web application Firewall (WAF) can provide protection against Transgressors.

According to the telecommunication company VERIZON, the cyber-attack has increased in the Internet world for web applications. 35 percent of the total attacks are occurring in Web applications. Web application protection or WAF is used to prevent such attacks. SQL injection can provide protection from cross-site scripting or various attacks WAF.

Bangladeshi software and service provider firm Amba IT said that unsafe web applications have made the way for cybercriminals to enter the system and make different types of attacks. Bangladeshi software and service provider maker Amba IT has said that unsafe web applications are easy to access system for cybercriminals. At the Allowing different types of cutting attacks. It enables web Application to protect against a variety of cyber-attacks.

On this system, there are also features of security errors scanning, IP reputation checks, attack in real time, and analytic tools etc. This is primarily a cloud-based web application firewall, which reduces security issues in the application and protects applications and websites by quickly detecting attacks.

Web applications may be necessary and easy solutions for the security of firewalls, financial institutions, government and e-commerce websites. Banks, financial institutions, and e-commerce websites have financial transactions, whose security is very important. There is no need to buy any hardware or software to launch this service because it is a cloud-based service.

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