IPhone Trafficking With Drone

Chinese merchants are using technology to Trafficking technology products. The country’s state media reported that an offense was detected during the nearly $ 80 million iPhone and another smartphone trafficking. And the miscreants have used a drone for the trafficking. According to the China Customs officials, the media said that illegally smuggled 15 thousand phones every night in Hong Kong city of Shenzhen, neighboring China, this night in Shenzhen, China.

The wheel used drones for 200 meters long cable to two buildings in two cities. With the help of this cable, they have smuggled mobile phones from Hong Kong to Hong Kong. Officials of the customs department said, “This is the first time we have been accused of trafficking through the drone.”

Meanwhile, China is taking steps to control drones in the country. The country’s government ordered last year to list the names of actual owners in a specific weight of drones. The reason for such stringent action is that there is a case of drone dropping illegally at an airport in southwestern China. It caused chaos in local air traffic.

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