Mashrafe wants to lose the record to any pacer

ast season, Champion Gazi Group Cricketers took 35 wickets for left-arm paceman Abu Haider Roni. After getting ‘A’ status, it was a record in the Premier League. On March 27, Mashrafe reached 3 wickets against Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club and Rony was thrilled. In the next match was unavailable. On Monday, at the Sher-E-Bangla stadium in Mirpur, he took 3 wickets against the Khelaghar on the new peak.

In 38 matches, 4 and 5 wickets in 15 matches twice. Farhad Reza, Asif Hasan, and Kaji Anik took 10 wickets for the second wicket. There is more 1 match left in the league, Mashrafe has the opportunity to further increase the wicket.

His achievements are very rich in international cricket. But this is not the achievement of domestic cricket! Having played for nearly a quarter and a half, it is also at this stage of the career that he is able to prove his worth in the new league once again and his ability and nudity. Many have become new in front of the example.
Mashrafe, however, was never seen to be very excited about his achievements. No exceptions yet. The record is quite uncut. told, they want to see this record in another name.

“It looks like there’s a record. But I do not want this record to last long. The next time someone broke up and broke. It can be understood, our domestic cricket is going forward. ”

The wicket of Bangladesh is also difficult for the pacers. Mashrafe wanted a break, breaking a break of the party’s ideas.

“I want, no pace bowler to break this record. Bangladesh’s wicket-keeping paceman’s job is difficult. Even then, the previous record was a pacer, I broke it. Other pacers are doing well. It will reduce the reliance on spin. Young pacers will be more encouraged. Teams may also depend on pacers. ”

No pacer can break his record, he also made a possible picture of Mashrafe.
“If Mustafiz plays the whole league, then this record can break. Abu Zayed Rafi is there, the potential. Rani (Abu Haider) took 35 and I can take it even more. Now Kazi Anik has done well. Who knows, maybe someone else surprises! ”

Abahani’s title win over Mashrafe’s thinking is more than celebrating his record. After a great start, the team lost a little later after the match. In the final round of the trophy final. If you win, champions of the winner, or if you do not win many accounts. Mashrafe’s winning match won him a taste of the title.

“If the team does not win, the value of their records is very little. Everything that has been playing for the last one and a half months now depends on the last match. The way we started, we should have already become champion. Still, we still have everything in our hands. Hopefully, we can be the champion by winning the last match.

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