Rohit hopes to play with Mustafiz

Mustafizur Rahman plays the slog sweep with knees, where the ball is the destination, it does not understand that in the picture. After joining the Mumbai Indians, this left-handed pacer is busy practicing. Since the introduction is not seen in the pace, in the picture, the bowling must definitely shake ‘Fiji’. Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma is looking forward to seeing how much he is doing in the match.

A few days ago, Rohit Mostafiz was also the captain of the opposition. The image of the IPL changed the picture instead. Both are now under the same tent – Mostafiz’s captain Rohit In an interview published on the Mumbai Indians website, the Mumbai captain said his team’s new bowling attack. The star of Bangladesh in the praise, “I have seen in the past that his bowling has a great variety. He is a bowler who can become obscure at any time. Mostafiz brings an unimaginable feature to bowling. I’m looking forward to playing with him.

If you are in the rhythm, how difficult is Mustafiz, who will know better than Rohit! Mostafiz has played nine matches against India, out of five, Rohit has been out of the match. In the three-year international career, most of the Indian bowlers, who have made shoulder to shoulder, and how much the IPL has thrown Mustafiz, waiting to see it.

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