Tamim also got impressed by this Mashrafe

Mashrafe took 38 wickets in 15 matches in the Dhaka Premier League.Tamim fascinated by this performance of Mashrafe.Left-handed opener says example, has created Mashrafe
17 years in international cricket It’s been more than two decades of cricket to determine age-based and domestic cricket. Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, who has gone to the crease for centuries, is still very good, this time the Dhaka Premier League team was seen. After getting Premier League ‘A’ status, he is now the highest wicket-taker in an ODI (38). Tamim Iqbal, the country’s opener, was fascinated by this Mashrafe

Tamim is a great player, as the captain, Mashrafe makes teammate feel cheerful- this is usually seen. But today’s different pictures. Mashrafe is playing great, Tamim floating in the rain of praise, ‘He is almost at the end of his career. It is not easy to have such a great game at this stage of the career. It proves that he took the domestic league seriously. Even if he played with five or ten percent less, then this achievement would not have been his. This performance of Mashrafe’s brother is an excellent example for those who believe in him or want to be the bowler of Bangladesh. ”

Kali Habibul Bashar also said that Tamim said in the example, “He (Mashrafe) is leaving a good example for those young players. It shows how excited it is to play in domestic cricket too. Mashrafe has also made an example of how to bowl well on the right side. Hopefully, young people can take him from. To win Test matches we need a good bowler. Take 20 wickets. ‘

This selector of BCB gave an interesting informative. Most of the time, Mashrafe struggled with the injury to Mashrafe’s career. Mashrafe has not been able to follow the ‘lasting’ injury for the last three years! Habitual, fascinated by seeing the fat-free Mashrafe, said, ‘Before he fell asleep, it was coming down with age. Hopefully, this will be the same. The bowlers must learn from him. Skelley Mashrafe too much forward. Now young people will have to come forward.

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