The ‘palm’ phone is returned

Mobile phone makers are keen to bring their old popular brands back to the market. Last year, Finland’s mobile phone maker HMD Global brought the Nokia 3310 model back to the market. This time the smartphone maker TCL wants to turn the once-popular ‘Pam’ brand into the market. TCL bought the Palm brand in 2015.

TCL is planning to leave Palm brand’s new smartphone market, according to the technical website of Android Police. In the second half of this year, this smartphone can come on the market. These phones will run on the Google Android operating system. Because the ownership of Palm WebOS is now owned by LG. LG’s operating system is now on TV. Pam’s old mobile operating system is not interested in TCL

Pam was a popular phone from the early 90’s for the beginning of 2000. Its personal digital assistant came in the great discussion because of this. But the iPhone and other touchscreens mobile market palm phones could not hold the buyers’ attraction. In 2009, the company tried to collide with a ‘pre-model’ phone with the iPhone. But Palm Phone could not affect the market very much. In 2010, HP bought Pam for $ 1,220 million. One year later, HP stopped creating WebOS-powered smartphones. LG has bought WebOS in 2013

Market analysts say, according to the current trends, the way Nokia has made an interest in the market by bringing out the old model, the palm can achieve success in the same way.

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