Movie budget of 5 crores, Shakib 60 million

Jazz Multimedia is now working on the story of liberation war. The movie name is not final yet. But the film will be directed by Raj Chakraborty, one of the most popular directors of India’s Bengali film. The movie budget has been taken to 5 crore taka. Shakib Khan will star in the film. In the meantime, the discussion with Jazz Multimedia Chairman Abdul Aziz was finalized. Shakib Khan asked for a fee of 70 lakh Taka for this film. However, it is learned that the production company has agreed to pay him Tk 60 lakh.

In the first online edition of the online light, on March 31, a newspaper titled ‘Shakib took Tk 60 lakh!’ At that time the news from the people related to Shakib Khan is known. But Shakib Khan has not said anything yet. Because, after the talks were finalized, that night he left for Scotland.

Today on Saturday morning Abdul Aziz told the first light, Shakib Khan will work in this film, this is the final. The film will start shooting in July. The whole story is in the context of the liberation war. The type of film that Shakib Khan has done, it will be very different from them. After listening to the story, Shakib Khan himself expressed interest in acting.

The story of the movie Abdul Aziz thought himself. Delwar Hossain, writing the picture screenplay on the story. Who will play against Shakib Khan in the film, it has not yet been finalized. There is a possibility of a new heroine. It will be decided after discussions with Raj Chakravarty. Meanwhile, another artist of the film has been finalized, he is Misha Sodagor.

The film is perfectly grown in Bangladesh. Jazz Multimedia is Producing Only Why is the responsibility of managing Raj Chakraborty of Kolkata? Abdul Aziz said, ‘The canvas of this photo is very big. I think Raj Chakraborty can handle it properly. ‘

Shakib Khan is shooting in the film ‘Bhajan El Re’ of Kolkata’s Jaydeep Mukherjee from April 1 in Scotland. Srabanti of Kolkata is acting opposite her in this film. Shakib Khan is scheduled to return to Dhaka on April 22. Then Shakib Khan plans to finish the rest of the film ‘Captain Khan’ and Ashikur Rahman’s ‘Superhero’.

And Abdul Aziz said, after the return of Shakib Khan to Dhaka, the new picture will be announced officially. Shooting from the month of July will be shot. Then Shakib Khan will have to spend a lot of time shooting this movie.

On the occasion of his birthday on March 28, Shakib Khan said, “From now on, I will produce films of big-budget regularly. I will act in those films. The pictures will be made in joint efforts of both the countries of Bangladesh and India. Not only that, new people who want to work, they will also get the opportunity.

Shakib Khan is now working in Bangladesh as well as in Bangladesh at Calcutta. He advised co-operating without obstructing those who are trying to do good work outside the country and the country.

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