‘Swapnojal’ In the city of Surjya Sen and Pritilata

‘Mastarda Surjya Sen and Agnnikonna Pritilata, the visitors of Chittagong can see my new picture.’ Today, on Sunday afternoon, Gias Uddin Selim expressed his feelings in the first light.

During the liberation of ‘Swapnojal’, the producer Giasuddin Selim thought that he would also see his new film Chittagong’s viewers. The director did not want to release the film there, but it was difficult to solve it. The third week of release is going to be fulfilled. On April 6, ‘Swapnjal’ was released in various theaters in Bangladesh. Though visitors were interested, Chittagong and Barisal visitors did not have the opportunity to see the movie Swapnojal, trapped in complexity.

On April 20, Swapnojal will be seen in Chittagong’s traditional Almas theaters. This movie, which was played by patrimony and Yash Rohan on that day, has a news about the release of Calcutta; The participants will take part in there. Gias Uddin Selim could not attend the Citizen’s Presidency even after the wish. However, this director will go to Chittagong on any day of the week with the team. Talking to all the actors, who will meet the schedule, will chase them in Chittagong – will talk about the pictures with the audience here.

Giasuddin Selim, ‘I was born and grew up in Feni. The first metro city is Chittagong. I have many memories surrounding this city. Chittagong has been a culturally rich city for many years. Masterda Surjya Sen and the place of Preityala place it. The Chittagong band is also the source of the music. Theater in this region is very advanced. It is definitely a lot of fun, I’m going to have my new picture in the town where art-literature emerged. I’m very upset. ‘

Other actors in the film ‘Swapnojal’, produced by Bengal Creations, are Fazlur Rahman Babu, Misha Saudagar, Shahidul Alam Sachchu, Farhana Mithu, Naresh Bhuiyan, Artist Government Apu, Shahid Ali, Eresh Jaker and the others.

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