Tasla car appeared in space

Tesla Roadster car was sent to Mars orbit in Falcon Heavy Rocket of SpaceX. The news came as a car was found in the space of an asteroid from the US state of Arizona.

According to the report of the Space News site of Space News, the car from Tesla head Ellon Mask was identified through the virtual telescope project from the observatory named Tenaga Observatory.

During the launch of the rocket, the driver of a car is placed in the driver’s seat. A song from David Baui was released on the radio. Tesla was sent along with human figures in an oval orbit near the Sun. This car was originally intended for an orbit near Mars. But the power of the third engine of Falcon Heavy Rocket sends it to orbit deep into the orbit and said earlier this week that Tesla Head and US engineer Mask.The new location of the Roadster is monitored through a robotic technology controlled telescope. It shows, the car is flying in the night sky.

The Virtual Telescope Project Authority says, “The car will travel from 9.13 billion to 16.15 billion miles in the present orbit of the Sun.

NASA has been able to identify the exact location of the vehicle using the data supplied by the JET Proposition Laboratory, through the Solar Systems Dynamics Laboratory, Michael Schwartz of Gianluca Mati and Tenaga Observatory of the Virtual Telescope project.

Tesla was seen to be ‘very bright’ to see the car, project authorities said.

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