There is no chance of playing Neymar’s in Real

If there are some Spanish magazines, now Neymar is wearing a Real Madrid jersey. Someone’s prediction, Neymar is coming to the Spanish team next season. Someone says Neymar can be seen for maximum two years at PSG. But the reality said Pini Javi. One of the super-agents of football, Javi says, because Neymar is not in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthat’s why he is unlikely to be seen in Real.

Neymar Cristiano Ronaldo shadow out of the shadow of Messi and will not want to read! Javi, one of the most famous craftsmen of Barisal to bring PSG to PSG. According to him, Messi-Ronaldo-Neymar could never play in the same squad. The winger, passing the other best career by proving the capability of the 33-year-old Ronaldo at the end, His relationship with Real Madrid is unlikely to end soon. And while Nelson, Ronaldo, Jeremy thinks that he will never write the name in the realm.
This football agent said, “Neymar had to leave Barcelona. There are only three superstars in the world right now. Messy, Cristiano, and Neymar These three cannot play in the same club. Neymar had been always number 2 in Barcelona. Starting from taking a free kick, he was a player with two in everything, including penalties. And came to Spain at a young age. Then grew up Now her age is 26 You can give eight or nine years at the best level. The time has come for him to play himself.
There is no other possibility that Neymar’s stay in Ronaldo is possible. Both are almost the same type of footballer. Play in the same position in the field. Ronaldo is still leaving Wing to be a full-fledged striker. But the left edge of him is now his era. There is no place for Neymar. And while Neymar has made the place, Neymar must surely not make Ronaldo the goal. Ronaldo-Neymar-Messi always wants to stay in the center of the light. Do not love to be illuminated by another’s brightness. And so it is better not to expect Real fans to take Neymar off until the Ronaldos Kingdom gets over.

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