650 CNG connected to ‘O Bhai’ platform

The app has added the convenience of CNG-driven auto-rickshaw to a ride-sharing app called ‘O bhai’. The app’s entrepreneur and brother Solutions Limited have added 650 CNG-powered auto-rickshaws to this platform to easily call CNG-powered auto-rickshaw using the app. Owned by the business group MGH.

A news release from ‘O Bhai’ said that they have registered CNG-run auto-rickshaw drivers and owners and ‘O Bhai’ platform to facilitate the call of CNG auto-rickshaw through the app. Apart from this, autorickshaw drivers have been trained on smartphones and apps to communicate with passengers through the app. Now, CNG operated auto rickshaws can be found in Raid sharing with ‘O Bhai’. The service is being offered to users ‘and brothers’. Users will get the discount if they use certain promo codes.

In the notification of ‘O Bhai’, it is said that the journey of passengers is easy and they have been taken to take initiatives like training to ensure their safety. In addition to the CNG-powered auto-rickshaw using the platform, motorcycles, private cars, microbuses can be called. In addition to Dhaka, there are plans to launch this service in other cities of the country.

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