Facebook will create its own chip

Now the business of semiconductor or chip Technology companies themselves does not trust the chips made by others in this sector. Now he is going to write the name of the social media channel Facebook authority.

Facebook is building a technical team to create its own chip. This will reduce their reliance on chip-makers like Intel, Qualcomm.

According to a Facebook job advertisement, they will appoint a manager who has experience in developing chips. A Bloomberg report says the job advertisement shows that the company is still in the initial stage of the chip construction effort.

Earlier, Apple and Google took the initiative to manufacture chips. Apple started its own chip in 2010. The company is currently using its own chips on different devices. Google has built its own artificial intelligence chip under Alphabet.

The questions can arise, what will Facebook chips do? It is believed that the use of hardware as well as artificial intelligence will support Facebook chips. It will be used in various data centers in Facebook.

In the next month, Facebook is opening the VR headset worth the US $ 200 in the name of Akulas Go. Qualcomm made processors are used in this headset. Besides, Facebook is building smart smart speakers. These devices can offer customized chipset to Facebook. Using custom chips, there will be control over the creation of different instruments, so that hardware and software will work well.

The Facebook authorities have not agreed to comment on the job advertisement.

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