Smallfoot (2018)

Smallfoot is an upcoming american 3D laptop-lively comedy adventure movie produced through the warner animation group. The film is co-written and directed with the aid of karey kirkpatrick, with co-route through jason reisig, based at the e-book yeti tracks with the aid of sergio pablos.The movie stars the voices of channing tatum, james corden, zendaya, common, lebron james, gina rodriguez, danny devito, yara shahidi, ely henry, and jimmy tatro. It follows a group of yeti who stumble upon a human, with each species wondering the alternative was only a delusion. It’s far scheduled to be launched in the u.S. On september 28, 2018, through warner bros. Pics.

  • Channing Tatum as Migo, Dorgle’s son and a yeti scientist determined to prove the existence of the Smallfoot.
  • James Corden as Percy Patterson, a former TV personality trying to get back in the spotlight.
  • Zendaya as Meechee, a yeti who believes in the Smallfoot and leader of the Smallfoot Evidentiary Society (S.E.S.), despite being the Stonekeeper’s daughter, Thorp’s sister and Migo’s love interest.
  • Common as Stonekeeper, Thorp and Meechee’s father and the condescending yeti chief.
  • LeBron James as Gwangi, a big yeti, and is a part of the S.E.S.
  • Gina Rodriguez as Kolka, a yeti, and part of the S.E.S.
  • Danny DeVito as Dorgle, a yeti who’s Migo’s father.
  • Yara Shahidi as Brenda, Percy’s assistant who doesn’t believe in yetis.
  • Ely Henry as Flem, a small yeti, part of the S.E.S.
  • Jimmy Tatro as Thorp, a jerkish yeti who’s the Stonekeeper’s son, and Meechee’s brother.
  • Justin Roiland as Garry
  • Frank Welker and Dee Bradley Baker as goats

Smallfoot (2018)
Directors: Karey Kirkpatrick, Jason Reisig (co-director)


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